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The sun is in the south at one
Equinox has just begun,
Owls up, their eyes are mirrors
In which reflect my fatal errors

Dreams of reason monsters get,
Reason is a silhouette,
See it creep across the ground
Longer as the sun goes down

Eyes of onyx, naked wings
Claws of horn, poison stings,
Monsters of my reason thrive
Except the cause to stay alive

That which sleeps will meet again
The waking self without an end,
Preposterous to reason so
Reason is the last to know

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Little clowns, drink deeply from the cup
Such long fingers, eyes to drink us up,
Devilettes and devilkins, you're ours
Enclosed within penumbras of our auras

Stunted members, legs need not be long
Though diminutive their arms are strong,
Simian, from moonbeams they can stretch
Send those devils begging - they can fetch

They belong to us, and we to them
Domesticated devils, devil friends,
Large as pumpkins grinning are their heads
Thrifty-keeping - they live under beds

Acknowledge or deny them as you wish
Dine at night - the devils lick the dish

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Monkey, paint my portrait please
But wait awhile until I sneeze,
Paint me solemn, with a wig
My ears are tall, my forelock trig

Shut my nostrils, stretch my jaw
My father was an ass-at-law,
I've his features, he had mine
The jennies said: an ass divine

Yes, my donkey, do not fear
As you wish, so you appear,
Dignity and strength are yours
In every feature nature snores

I mean she dreams, and sees you fair
A touch up here, a touch up there,
Neither more nor ever less
Than what's the truth. Achoo! God bless!

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