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Etch us in a rage and we convince,
Finished long ago and bleeding since,
Sorrow and refusal to accept,
Fury that the images have kept -
Hombre, I am living and the dead
Cannot speak, but I can speak instead

And as for the satanic and the weird
Devilry is worse than you have feared
See how from the sombre they invade
Even in the sunlight they won't fade
Transient are vanity and lust
But there's a dark eternal in the dust

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The monkey serenades the ass
The donkey brays: hee haw,
Across the strings his fingers pass
Glissando re mi fa

The donkey fans his forelock with
An elegant small hoof,
And shuts his eyes his lashes' width
In connoiseurship's proof

Across his teeth a smile appears
So sweet the ape's guitar,
He softly flaps his supple ears
And dreams upon a star

The nightingale, the lark, the wren
Fall silent in their awe,
To hear the concert of the ape
The donkey swoon: hee haw

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They can't resist, these helots must
Hoist those donkeys, human lusts,
Those were colts that have increased -
Heave them up, hee hawing beasts

Not incubi but donkeys grown
By greediness to many stone,
Lust for money, power, pride,
Demon donkeys mount and ride

Who has not been stooped and bent
Except the very innocent?
They bear that rule until they faint
Except the jackass and the saint

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