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See my noble ancestors, my line
On parchment sir, that lineage is mine,
Sire, sire's sire, dam, grand dam
Back to where the primal ass began

Pure the blood and noble is the nose
That nibbled on the petals of the rose,
Bright and clear the gloss upon the eye -
Contemplate - their fame will never die!

Hear them haw, sophisticated drawl
As ever emanated from a stall,
Imagine, anyway, how they might sound
Were they still alive - a hee profound

They galloped into battle with panache,
That's quality I'm showing you - not trash;
Visitor, look on these heads, admire
A dam with ears, a turnip-stealing sire

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Mandatum of the dead.
Sign, that is your name.
A nominal: read 'nothing'
Then to your oblivion

Decompose regret
Indignation and surprise;
Dissolve into a vicious ink
Of flesh and eyes

Rise up, bend forward, write
A message you can send,
Make yourself a stiffened arm
A hand, a pen

Chaos is a reckless war, dismiss
The dead who dwell
Where the living leave them,
And go to hell

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The stubbled skull who sits among
His babies' bones shouts out his lungs,
Not one of us despite this plea,
A thing of unknown pedigree

We are a race that's warm and fed,
Scuffs aside the rabble-dead
So it can walk around the hill
That hides the charnel, carcass-full

Complain to God? - your shaven head,
Your sunken eyes take off the dead,
Your throne's a pile of stone and dirt,
A king who's shrunk inside his shirt

You can't be human, or if so
Of what descent is hard to know,
Perhaps an ape that's learned to speak,
Half inhuman, half a freak

Another species, not of us -
*Homo homini lupus…*

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